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taPrime Consulting Ltd provides consultancy services, solving freeze drying problems, helping you develop robust formulations and processes, and providing expert advice to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Ensuring that you do indeed get Quality by Design. The way we work is by analysis of your data and this can usually be done without site visits. Teleconferences are always useful for explaing why.

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Forthcoming changes to our contact details.
Our website at www.ta-prime.co.uk will be retired in the next few months. This will necessitate a change in our email address.  In future we can be contacted at tony.taprime@gmail.com.  You will also be able to contact us on social media, we have an entry on LinkedIn, as well as Facebook

Mannitol and Vial Cracking
Although our taPrimer archive already has an article on the Use of Mannitol feedback to the site suggests that a little more explanation is needed as to why vial cracking is common when using mannitol - though strictly speaking vial cracking only occurs when mannitol is misused.  Click the link to read our taPrimer on Vial Cracking.

Looking for information about freeze drying?
It isn't always easy to find the information you want, but this web site can help in two ways.  On our Useful Information page we have collected some information on basic physical properties, Tg' values, SVP of water over ice at various temperatures, and a conversion table for various pressure units.  From time to time we also publish some tutorial articles on different aspects of freeze-drying; these are our taPrimers.  Newly published articles are featured on our home page, but we also maintain an archive of all our tutorials in our taPrimer archive.

We shall not be offering our 2 day in house training course during the current Coronavirus emergency.  If you want to think about it for the future, click here for more details.

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