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Between 2012 and 2015 I wrote a number of blog articles for the BioUpdate Foundation website. Articles that were designed to challenge your conceptions and make you think again about science that you took for granted.  The BioUpdate Foundation website is no longer active, but the articles have been archived below.  If you think everything in the literatue is true, read no further, but if you have a more open mind, take a look.

BioUpdate Foundation Blogs: entries are in date order.

February 2016 What we take for granted as the 'normal' three dimensional structure of a proteins reflects more on the properties of planet Earth, than an intrinsic property of proteins.  In the far reaches of space, where temperatures are low, or molecules exist in the gas phase, will we find Inside Out Proteins?

April 2015 Disulphide Bridges.  Are they an important structural element of proteins, or just a lingering memory of a primordial past?  An evolutionary black hole, from which there is no escape.

March 2015 If you want to save the planet, don't plant trees.  Our forests and woodlands are in decline, so it makes sense to plant more trees.  Especially as they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  But far from being environmentally friendly, so called, managed forests are harmful to the environment.

February 2015 Anomalous water.  We don't mean polywater or any other form of water with supposedly special properties, we mean plain, ordinary water, whose properties are far from plain or ordinary.

July 2014 Plants and the Origin of Haemoglobin.  In which we suggets that not only did Haemoglobin evolve intitially to bind oygen irreversibly, but actually, in evolutionary terms, it is a plant, and not an animal, protein.

February 2014  Gas phase chemistry suggests that The Function of an Enzyme is simply to exclude solvent. Click the link to read more.

December 2013 When astronomers look for extraterrestrial life they concentrate on the so called Goldilocks zone, the zone around a star where liquid water exists.  But the Earth is characterised by the fact that water exists in all three phases.  Is it time to narrow the search and redifne the Goldilocks zone

November 2013 Do Complementary DNA Strands Code for Complementary Proteins?  DNA comprises two complementary strands which bind together; this is the basis for copying genetic information. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if the proteins that each of these strands would code for also bound together?

September 2013 The Human Chromosome Count  Why did it take 40 years to overturn the accepted but incorrect view that the human genome had 24 chromosome pairs?

August 2013 The Side Effect that never was? Was a warning of a potentially fatal side effect based on fact or heresay?

July 2013 The Future of Medicine  In which we argue that the future of western medicine lies in developing drugs which are ineffective for most patients.

June 2013 Protein Aggregates  Are analysts fooling themselves by using HPLC to measure protein aggregation?

May 2013 Enzyme Specificity.  Is the concept of enzyme specificity a self perpetuating myth?

April 2013 Darwin's Nightmare  In which it is argued that the real function of Intron's is to stall the evolutionary process.

March 2013 Most proteins don't exist True or false?  If 1 molecule of every possible 100 amino acid residue protein existed, then the total mass would outweigh the universe.

February 2013 Persitence, Probability, or Prejudice  How objective is peer review?  How can a belief in invisible energy fields be a career breaker in biology but a career maker in physics?

January 2013 Keeping an Open Mind. What the story of the Mpemba effect tells us: If a 13 year old schoolboy had come to you with a seemingly illogical observation would you have been objective in your assessment?

December 2012 Courses,Conferences and Value

November 2012 I don't believe DNA is a Double Helix.  Does this make me a crank?

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