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About us

taPrime was founded in 2010 and is owned and run by Tony Auffret. The company is built upon a wealth of experience as Tony has almost 40 years of experience in academia and industry, in companies ranging in size from 1 and 2 person small businesses through to multinational giants. He has also co-authored a freeze drying text book with leading freeze drying expert Felix Franks.  Throughout his career Tony has been committed to creating, developing and managing innovation in science based industry.

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Our Philosophy
Avoiding experimentation is the key to efficiency and productivity. When you are up against a deadline, trying to solve a production problem, or developing a new product or process, you need an answer, quickly. Trial and error experimentation wastes time. Understanding the materials science and physical chemistry behind freeze drying and product stability we can help you uncover that answer, sooner rather than later. Tony built his knowledge of freeze drying at Pafra Biopreservation, a leading freeze drying consultancy which had over 200 successful projects in problem solving and product development for clients across Europe, North America and Japan.

An understanding of the fundamental science behind your product and process also lays the foundations of quality by design. The place for design of experiments, mapping the edges of failure, is when you know you have a good product, not before. Time spent in trial and error development would be better spent testing and proving your product. Our aim is to get you to that position, as soon as possible, whether it is in selecting a formulation, which defines the potential of your product, developing a process which realises that potential, or solving a problem that is creating a bottle neck.

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